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A national Firefighter and First Responder speaker, Dr. Donnie knows how to engage and inspire action.  He uses personal reflection as a guide, challenging the audience to understand their work-life balance / self-care Current Reality, declare their Desired Future, and helps them build a plan so they can achieve greater success and health at work and HOME!



Health & Wellness

Whether it’s an audience of 50 or 200+ participants, Dr. Donnie delivers a work-life balance presentation that will do three things:

  1. Teach you how to pause and reflect on your Work-life Balance and Self-Care.

  2. Help guide you in discovering your path to greater balance

  3. Provide you execution tools to make it happen - a plan!

First Responders are RAVING about Donnie!

I learned a lot and I believe the others did today as well. I want to thank you for dedication to the fire service. I feel I’m on a better and quicker path to a healthier life with your teachings. I’m recommending we hire you for our Health Camp; Wellness Conference!

Bill Mastroianni
Director of Operations
Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters

I am very much looking forward to implementing some of the practices I learned today. I will also be looking into some of the things I learned from my counterpart that I connected with in the group discussion session. He shared some things that he went through after a divorce that really opened my eyes and will help me in my own personal life.

Steven Wojtowicz
North Hudson Fire Officers
Local 3951

Thought the class was great! Really made me think about what I need to change in my life. I’ve been struggling with my work/Life balance for a long time. I really benefited from your workshop! Thank you!!!

Chris Gelven
St Louis, MO
LOCAL 2665

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Has your “regular” workday/week started to last too long? Have you been missing important family events? Are you regularly skipping healthy meals and trips to the gym just to squeeze more into your day? If so, you’re not the only one. Countless individuals struggle with maintaining healthy personal and work lives.

In Lead with Balance, university professor, and speaker Dr. Donnie Hutchinson addresses this issue head-on and explains how leaders and employees can properly manage all the important facets of life.

“Work-Life Balance is about aligning your day-to-day behaviors with your priorities in life.” —  Dr. Donnie Hutchinson


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Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

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