Whether it’s an audience of 10 or 200 participants, Dr. Donnie Hutchinson can deliver a work-life balance message that will do three things:

  1. Teach you how to pause and reflect on your WLB

  2. Help guide you in discovering your path to greater balance

  3. Provide you a project plan and execution tools to make it happen



Donnie's workshops teach Firefighters, EMS and First Responders how to build and implement a Work-Life Balance Transformation plan so they can:

Effectively manage their self-care needs to improve their health and wellness

Re-balance themselves so they can be extremely successful at work and home

What you will learn

Understand Reality


You will discover and document how your work-life imbalance has been affecting you, your spouse, children and your brothers and sisters at work.

Create Desired Future


You will discover and document your desired future - the goals and dreams you have for your relationships at home, work, and your personal self-care.

Build Transformation Plan


You will build, implement, and execute a personalized work-life balance transformational plan. You will receive telephone support from me to help you achieve your desired future.

Bring Dr. Donnie Hutchinson's unique experience, and inspiration

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